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Protecting Point of Sale from PoSeidon

Protecting POS Systems from PoSeidonA new breed of malware - more sophisticated and harder to detect than its predecessors - is preying on point-of-sale systems.  Dubbed PoSeidon, this family of viruses uses multiple components to obtain customer credit card data.  PoSeidon is the latest threat in an ongoing onslaught on PoS systems. According to researchers at Cisco, PoSeidon's sophisticated architecture includes a loader designed to maintain persistence and outlast reboots.  Other components include a memory scraper that searches processes for strings of credit card data and a keylogger designed to capture access credentials used by remote support applications.  PC World specifies that LogMeIn's remote access app has been a target:

"The keylogger is designed to steal credentials for the LogMeIn remote access application." - PC World, March 23, 2015

In light of the PoSeidon discovery, we have created a new whitepaper: "Protecting Your PoS System from PoSeidon and Other Malware Attacks."  In it, we provide an overview of the threat presented by PoSeidon and the ever-evolving challenges maintaining a secure perimeter around PoS and other mission-critical business systems while allowing vendor and other third-party access.  From our experience working with the world's largest retailers, we know that protecting point-of-sale systems requires a muti-layer security approach.  Our new whitepaper provides an outline for a four-tier approach that all retailers should be following. Download "Protecting Your PoS System from PoSeidon and Other Malware here.


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