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Looking for TeamViewer Alternative that Can Scale with Your Growing Business? | Netop

There’s a point where small business owners have an important choice to make. Sometimes it’s after many years of being in business, sometimes it happens early on. It’s the moment where you have to.... Read On

Where Remote Access Fits in a Zero Trust Security Architecture

Zero Trust Remote Access  Say goodbye to "trust but verify." Now it's "never trust, always verify, enforce least privilege." (Centrify)  What is the Zero Trust model?  Years ago, IT and security.... Read On

Make Life Easier and More Secure with this LogMeIn Alternative

With a history for unexpected price hikes and unreliable customer service, LogMeIn went from being a favorite choice for remote support software in the IT industry to being the ugly stepchild..... Read On

What Makes Netop’s Remote Desktop Client Users’ Top Choice?

    More and more businesses are discovering how useful it can be to add a remote desktop solution to their tech infrastructures. With uses that range from making tech support easier to embracing.... Read On

[WEBINAR] VPN vs. Remote Access Software

Is a VPN enough for you and your organization? Sign up for our webinar where we will cover VPN vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them with a more secure approach. Read On

How to Keep Remote Desktop Software Secure

In this day and age, remote desktop software is becoming more and more common in the workplace. Many businesses use it to help expedite day-to-day processes like providing user support and addressing.... Read On

How Upgrading Your Remote Desktop Software Will Benefit You

In this post we’ll cover two of the main benefits. First, if you’re not already using remote desktop software to maximize your business’ efficiency, we’ll go over what it is and how it can help you.... Read On

When VPN is a Vulnerability

Remote Access Software Might be a Better Fit Using a VPN makes sense for many businesses. It lets remote workers, vendors, and service providers have access to the company's private network from.... Read On

6 Facts to Help You Understand Remote Control Software

No, remote control software isn’t the software that connects your kid’s Nintendo remote to the console. It’s actually a fairly common tool used by many different kinds of businesses to help increase.... Read On

Learn How Remote Support Software Has Revolutionized the IT Support Industry

IT support isn’t what it used to be - it’s better, faster and cheaper! And that’s thanks to the relatively new prevalence of remote support software. What used to take hours can now take minutes..... Read On

8 Important Things to Know About Remote Access Software

If you’ve ever needed to access your desktop computer from a separate location, then remote access software is what you need. It allows you to connect to a computer remotely, from anywhere, simply.... Read On

How to Navigate the Cybersecurity Workforce Gap


9 BEST PRACTICES for Keeping POS systems safe

Take these steps to secure your remote access and avoid being the next victim.  North Country Business Products, a Point of Sale (PoS) services and solutions company based in Minnesota, announced a.... Read On

When Remote Computer Access Comes in Handy

Remote Computer Access Is Here to Save the Day As a business owner, you know that the difference between successful and unsuccessful days often comes down to make-it-or-break-it moments. We like to.... Read On

[WEBINAR] Securing Remote Access: Basic & Advanced Strategies

How secure is your remote access solution? Sign up for our webinar and learn basic and advanced strategies to mitigate your risk. Read On

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