10 Favorite Remote Access Features

NRC_-_10_Favorite_Features_-_Brighttalk_Thumbnail_Design_640x3604Efficiency matters a lot for IT professionals, and a single tool or workaround can make life immensely easier. We've built Netop Remote Control to be exactly that resource. For nearly 4 decades we've been improving and finessing the product, thanks to input from our partners and customers who use it every day. 

Join our live demo and learn about the top features that make Netop Remote Control the undisputed leader in secure, efficient, and flexible remote access for retail, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and other industries that require top-tier solutions.

If you haven't seen Netop Remote Control in action lately, you'll find out about brand new features along with improvements to the user experience. You can register here  for the live event.

1. Fast and Simple Access From the Browser-Based Support Console

2. Multi-User Sessions (one-to-many // many-to-one)

3. Integrated File Transfer

4. Permission Elevation

5. Pre-Configured Connections

6. Custom Security Roles

7. Time-Based Access Control 

8. User-Confirmed Access

9. Application Whitelisting

10. Robust, Flexible Logging

Register here for the live demo, or watch the recording on demand. You can also jump straight into the product with a free trial.


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