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2014's Biggest Tech Trends for Consumers and Enterprise Alike - Part 1

These trends are so hot, they will literally preheat your oven for you.

Coca Cola FreestyleGartner released a strategic tech analysis of its ITxpo 2013, outlining their predictions for the top enterprise trends of 2014:

  1. Mobile Device Diversity and Management
  2. Mobile Apps and Applications
  3. The Internet of Everything
  4. Hybrid Cloud/IT as Service Broker
  5. Cloud/Client Architecture
  6. The Era of Personal Cloud
  7. Software Defined Anything
  8. Web-Scale IT
  9. Smart Machines
  10. 3D Printing

As Gartner wraps up its analysis, Mashable looks forward to the trends to watch at CES 2014:

  1. 4k TV
  2. Tech Wearables
  3. Biometrics
  4. The Internet of Things
  5. 3D Printing


From these two lists, some commonalities arise, chief among them: The Internet of Things and Smart Machines, Biometrics and Device Management, Wearables and the Personal Cloud, and 3D Printing. Through this week and next, we'll be exploring these trends, and what potential they have to benefit both consumers and enterprises.

The Internet of Things and Smart Machines

We've spoken before about the rise of the Industrial Internet - the drive to put sensors and internet connectivity into everything for the sake of monitoring and improving device efficiency - and its introduction into consumer electronics, but we're only now seeing these ideas become a reality.

On the consumer side, GE is creating household appliances that can be remotely monitored and controlled, such as a WiFi and smartphone-enabled oven, and they're encouraging others to do the same. Nest Labs, founded by mobile computing guru and Apple iPod designer Tony Faddell, has seen tremendous success with its smart thermostats and smart smoke alarms, which can now be found in almost 1% of U.S. homes.

On the enterprise side, companies like Coca-Cola are deploying internet-enabled vending machines to allow for credit card and mobile payment processing, as well as improved inventory tracking and logistics, and even product testing. SAP is utilizing the Internet of Things to create smarter wind turbines that can report efficiency and predict faults, ideal for off-shore deployments.

The danger of opening these mission-critical devices to the internet will be keeping control of them in the right hands. M2M security will need to evolve as quickly to meet the growing threat of device hijacking. On that note, do check out our upcoming Secure M2M offerings, and learn how Netop can help keep control of your smart machines from falling into the wrong hands.

What can we expect from the rising popularity of biometrics, tech wearables, and the personal cloud? Find out in Part 2 of our 2014 tech trend analysis, and be sure to follow us @NetopTech for more discussions on Tech Support and Customer Service Management!


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