2015 New Year's resolutions for data security

New Year's Resolutions for Data Security 

2015 is coming fast.

Do you have your new year's resolutions ready?

What about your data security resolutions?


We can help.

Data security resolution #1: Check your passwords.

Resolve to give this one some dedicated attention next month. If default passwords are still lurking anywhere in your enterprise (and if you're like most business, they are), make it your mission to eradicate them.

Replace those defaults with best-practice passwords, and sleep a little better at night knowing you've closed a big gaping window against the hackers that be.

Data security resolution #2: Check your detection plan.

Here's another great bit of new year's housekeeping to attend to. The Verizon RISK team has said it again and again: in the event of a data breach, organization response time averages in the weeks and months. That's a long time to be bleeding data.

What's the solution to this? Two words, audit log. It's easier to find illicit activity if you're recording it in the first place. You want to be able to monitor who did what, when, on which system, every time, so your records are complete and you can answer any question you’re asked.

Data security resolution #3: Check your vendors.

Do your remote vendors share blanket privileges? Do they share passwords? Find out. Remote control software is a powerful tool, and you want to make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Start the new year strong. We encourage you to take an active role in strengthening your enterprise data security this month: you can read more about that here.

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