2020 in Remote Access

As we close the chapter on 2020, there's a lot we're happy to leave behind. But one trend that's here to stay? Remote work.

For many employees, the shift to working from home was dramatic, and it wasn't easy for businesses to adjust either. IT teams scrambled to set up new VPNs, processes, protocols and trainings, knowing their cyberthreat attack surface was growing with every remote worker connecting to the network.

As this was happening, freeware tools like RDP and VNC withered in the crossfire of a wave of cyberattacks and vulnerabilities.

We spent the past year helping companies adapt to these changes. Cyberthreats changed and grew, keeping our team busy with quick patches, bug fixes, infrastructure updates, penetration testing, audits and more. All of this culminated in the release of the most stable, secure version of our market-leading software ever: Netop Remote Control v12.8.

NRC---Holiday-Card from Netop Remote Control - truck

We built the Netop Portal into a full-featured, robust, enterprise-class workhorse solution in 2020. Now the user experience is faster and more stable than ever. Our userbase grew 148% as we made OnDemand sessions available directly from the Netop Portal and expanded support for iOS, MacOS and Linux.

During the year, our customers increased their usage of advanced tools like Time-based Access and Confirm Access via Email (CAvE) features.

At the same time, we saw more demand for our on-premise deployment option, especially from companies that require the strictest data security standards. Our ongoing support for those robust and flexible deployment options keeps Netop Remote Control top-of-mind for companies that put security first.

What are you expecting to change in 2021? Do you have new priorities for remote access? Connect with us and see how Netop Remote Control can help.


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