25% of Malware Targets the Financial Services Sector

Protect against remote attacks in financial services 

Recent reports have shown the risks facing financial institutions, as more than 25% of malware now hits the financial services industry, and credit card fraud has risen 200% year-over-year according to the Banking & Financial Services Cyber Threat Landscape Report.

No industry is more heavily targeted. 

According to the survey, hackers inject ATM malware... in switch servers to spread a fake message to approve fraudulent withdrawal requests. - CISO Magazine 

How the right software can protect financial sector businesses

Hackers see a lot of value in preying on companies in this industry, which is why IT security is a top concern. However, locking down security at the expense of business agility is not ideal in a competitive industry.

Much of Netop's success has come by providing plenty of quickness, flexibility and centralization to drive efficiencies while remaining the most secure remote access software.

42% of the world's top 50 financial institutions choose Netop for secure remote access software. 

Our software's security features protect your IT environment no matter how distributed your organization becomes. 

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