[VIDEO] 5 Questions to Ask When Comparing Remote Access Software

Practically any remote control solution on the market will minimize the time and cost of supporting devices. But assuming every solution meets this basic requirement for your business, asking these five questions will ensure you pick the right one for your specific needs - a solution that beats the competition in efficiency, security, and customization.

[Watch this video to see how Netop Remote Control answers the questions, and then some]


Centralize administration of users and devices


Does the software support all the different operating systems of my devices?

Using just the one tool for all devices and operating systems is critical when it comes to maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost. Retailers, take note: not all remote access tools support Toshiba 4690 and TCx Sky.

Can it integrate with my directory services?

Syncing with your existing databases rather than duplicating that information into your new software is not only efficient, but is a best practice for security and compliance. So be sure to find out which remote access tools work with Active Directory, LDAP, ADFS, or your preferred directory service.


Ensure security and compliance


Does the software have multi-factor authentication? Can it integrate with my current MFA solution?

Whether you're already paying for Azure, RSA, RADIUS, or Smart Cards, why not keep it simple and use them with your new remote control tool? Or, if you don't currently use multi-factor authentication, take a look at the MFA options offered within the remote control program itself.

Are the auditing and logging capabilities comprehensive enough to meet the compliance standards of my industry?

Keeping detailed audit logs of remote session activity is a common requirement of compliance regulations and a general security best practice. A superior remote access solution will document who accessed what device, when and for how long, and what events occurred during this session.


Connect complex networks


Exactly what kinds of network configuration options are available to meet the needs of my business?

Consider whether you need your hosting to be in the cloud for ease of setup and flexibility, on-premise for ultimate security, or some combination of the two. Look for a tool that can be configured to meet your current needs, and those you may have in the future as your business grows.


Our 61-second video below shows just how these questions are answered by Netop Remote Control:



Now that you've had a quick overview of Netop Remote Control, you probably have a few more questions. Our advanced 11-minute demo should satisfy even the most curious minds. Or, start a free trial to see the product firsthand:



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