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A First-Timer's HDI Experience (Part 2 of 2)

Viva Las VegasAs I mentioned in my earlier post, last week's HDI Conference was a great source of inspiration - it was an equally strong venue for learning. The conference offered several different learning tracks. I personally chose to be more active in the following tracks: Support Center optimization, Team Dynamics, the Customer experience and Technology in Action as the topics presented in those tracks were dealing closely with some of our organization's current and future objectives.

A few sessions I really enjoyed were the following:

"Recruiting Today's Service Superstars" by Mary Cruse, Director of IT Customer Services at First American Title

This provided some new and interesting approaches as to how we should be looking for talent and identifying potential today, as well as best practices for innovative recruiting

"Inspiring Leadership in The Age Of More With Less" by Sandra Seroskie, Director of Field Services Delivery at Carey International

This session elaborated on how important it is to create a welcoming work environment, to make sure team members are compatible with each other, to encourage responsibility and cross functional awareness and to build career development in the process of creating a mutually loyal relationship between teams and their management. This will contribute a especially at times when an organization must do more with less.

"The Customer Experience: Self Service and Social Support" by Roy Atkinson, Senior Writer & Analyst with HDI

A very good session which helped point me in the right direction to plan a future project directed toward offering more self-service features for our customers and improving customer satisfaction.

"Let's Chat: The Road to a Successful Chat Implementation" by Aran McFarland, Director, IT support center at Ricoh America

A very good session.  I'm very familiar with the topic as I lead a customer support center that uses chat - Netop Live Guide, of course - as a service channel as part of a company that creates chat solutions for IT and customer service. The session dealt with the successful implementation steps you have to take into consideration when deploying chat as a support channel and how to insure you are using chat efficiently on the long run.  We have some similar materials on our site, as well.

At every given time there were roughly 10 concurrent sessions going on; there were many sessions I wanted to attend, but missed.  However, I'm happy that I was able to get all the presenter's notes or slides from all the sessions so I can review them. So, I'll be spending my free time over the next week or so reviewing presentations on the future of knowledge management, cloud computing, SaaS and service support of mobility and BYOD initiatives.

I look forward to incorporating many of the new ideas I've discussed about into improving our recruitment process and our approach to continuoss team motivation and talent retention. Other sessions will complement our on-going initiatives. For example, our improvement project for support on Live Guide, the implementation of professional services and customer self-service portal are all part of the customer experience and customer satisfaction goals. There were many sessions and things I've taken from the conference that could help guide me to the right direction.

I'm also looking forward to staying close with the HDI community and would very much like to attend their future conferences. The HDI team is truly helpful and this community is a great way for professionals to keep up with modern activity process challenges, market and customer trends, technology and much more. Above all, the 2013 HDI Conference was a very inspirational and motivating event.


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