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A First-Timer's HDI Experience (Part 1 of 2)

Fabulous_Las_VegasThis year, it was my privilege to participate in the annual HDI Conference for the first time.  HDI markets the event as the best service desk show in the world - I understand the reasons why. Unlike other service desk shows out there, this one is not about marketing specific tools and company solutions; instead it focuses on dealing with the core challenges a modern service desk faces these days.

The aim is to educate the professionals in the field - whether they are IT support front desk representatives or Tech Support Directors - and open their eyes to different ways that they can bring value to their activity and business. The conference encourages dialog and real-life examples from attendees in order to capitulate on real scenarios and business needs.

The sessions, speakers and venue were all very well organized. HDI even had a very cool smartphone app that provided participants with session information, venue maps, surveys and notifications.  The app also included social links to all attendees so I could see via Twitter where everyone was, how they reacted to different sessions and what they wanted to share with the entire HDI community – that was really neat.

I'm working through my notes on the show, and will try to post a summary of some of the better sessions I attended later this week.  The sessions were very good, but my biggest takeaway from the show is the inspiration and motivation I received from the learning tracks and, especially, the keynote speakers. Keynote addresses from Steve Wozniak, Lt. Colonel Rob Waldman, Aron Ralston and Scott Christopher have truly inspired me and reminded me of the things I value and love in my line of work. It's like my batteries are re-charged and I am full of positivity towards all of the objectives and current initiatives that I run at Netop.

In addition to being my first time at HDI, this was my first time in Las Vegas. It's a very interesting town with weather unlike anything I have seen before. The size and luxury of some of the hotels on the strip is astonishing and to see the complete entertainment offerings they hold is impressive. Vegas is a city that truly don't sleep... at all.  Not sure it's my ideal cup of tea, so I arranged some out of the city weekend trips to Hoover Dam, Red Canyon and Arizona's part of the Grand Canyon.



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