Adjusting to Remote Work

Supporting remote workers is now a top priority for companies of all sizes. Working from home often requires secure access to critical devices and systems, and cyberthreats are on the rise for companies that aren't prepared. IT departments are facing the challenge knowing the complexity of security and audits for remote access and support.


We are in a position to help companies scale up their ability to support remote employees, while protecting and securing their networks. We have taken action to offer support for those dealing with Covid-19-related challenges, including reducing our subscription terms so they are more flexible and allow for short-term coverage.

We are also offering free Netop OnDemand licenses to all accredited schools and universities so IT staff can safely support teachers who are remote. Learn more about that here

As for our clients, Netop Remote Control is committed to providing the same level of service they are accustomed to, and we are taking steps to ensure the software and services they rely on are able to withstand the pressure of this global crisis. Netop has new solutions available that allow for support of the latest iOS and macOS versions, and unlimited support sessions through OnDemand - ideal for employees working from home.

Netop has already taken action to protect the health of our business and our employees, who are now working remotely in Asia, EMEA and North America. We are ready to provide assistance to our customers, including free services and technical support: 

  • Additional licenses - for attended and unattended devices - with shorter and flexible license contracts
  • Assistance with mass deployments
  • Technical assistance with scaling solutions 

We encourage you to review the capabilities and features of the Netop Remote Control Portal. With the Portal, secure remote access is easier, more scalable, and safer than using a VPN

Contact us, or start a Live Chat with one of our representatives and let us know what we can do to help.


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