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What You Need to Know About Security Risks of Remote Desktop Protocol Over the Internet

Computer Remote Access: Software for Online Remote Access

Data Privacy Best Practices for Remote Access

How to Be GDPR Compliant: A Complete Checklist for GDPR Compliance

What is Virtual Network Computing (VNC)? Is it Better than RDP?

Is RDP Encrypted? A Guide to Remote Desktop Encryption Levels

[Webinar] Data Privacy Beyond GDPR and CCPA

VPN vs Remote Desktop: The Differences Between RDP & VPN

GDPR in the EU – The One Year Anniversary Arrives

Now Available - Netop Portal Subscription

Top Threats to My Secure Remote Desktop Access

5 Things You Need to Know About the Best Remote Access Software for Enterprise Business

What Compliance Standards Should You Expect from a Secure Remote Access Software? | Netop

Retail ROI - How to Recognize a 158% Return on Remote Access

Remote Support Software: The Best TeamViewer Alternative for Security

Looking for TeamViewer Alternative that Can Scale with Your Growing Business? | Netop

Where Remote Access Fits in a Zero Trust Security Architecture

Make Life Easier and More Secure with this LogMeIn Alternative

What Makes Netop’s Remote Desktop Client Users’ Top Choice?

[WEBINAR] VPN vs. Remote Access Software

How to Keep Remote Desktop Software Secure

How Upgrading Your Remote Desktop Software Will Benefit You

When VPN is a Vulnerability

6 Facts to Help You Understand Remote Control Software

Learn How Remote Support Software Has Revolutionized the IT Support Industry

8 Important Things to Know About Remote Access Software

How to Navigate the Cybersecurity Workforce Gap

9 BEST PRACTICES for Keeping POS systems safe

When Remote Computer Access Comes in Handy

[WEBINAR] Securing Remote Access: Basic & Advanced Strategies

Avoid RDP Vulnerabilities With a Fully Secure Remote Desktop

8 Remote Access Predictions for 2019

Looking for a New Remote Desktop Connection Manager? Reasons To Choose Netop

[FREE GUIDE] Securing Remote Access: Basic & Advanced Strategies

Marriott Hack: RDP, Telnet/SSH Exposed on Open Internet

Another Industry Leader Chooses Netop

FBI Recommends Businesses Find Alternative to RDP

­Remote Control in Manufacturing: 3 Tips from Automotive manufacturer ŠKODA Auto

“It’s like magic.” – How Gilbarco Resolves Hundreds of Daily Service Calls with Remote Support

[VIDEO] 5 Questions to Ask When Comparing Remote Access Software

Calculating the ROI of remote support for your business

Comparing The Best remote Support tools - PC Pro Magazine reviews LogMeIn, Netop Remote Control, NetSupport Manager, and DameWare

GDPR: TL;DR? The 5 Keys to Compliance You Need to Know

Remote Access and GDPR Part 5: The Right-to-be-Forgotten

Remote Access and GDPR Part 4: Data Minimization

Audit logging now available in the Netop Portal

Netop Remote Control 12.65: Faster and easier setup and improved response time

Secure Remote Privileged Access for Your Vendors’ Technicians

[INFOGRAPHIC] Your Custom ROI of Remote ATM Support

Trustwave Report: Malware Continues to Exploit Unsecured Vendor Access

Recovering from the PetyaWrap Ransomware Attack & Preparing for Whatever’s Next

Yes, the GDPR Applies to your Company

Remote Access and GDPR Part 3: The Impact of Requiring Consent

Remote Access and GDPR Part 2: Pseudonymization and Encryption

Remote Access and GDPR: A Compliance Odyssey - Part 1


NRC 12.61 - big value from a minor release

WannaCry: Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack

Join us at the Toshiba LEAD 2017 conference in Orlando!

Expanded remote support for Toshiba check-out terminals

Join Netop with Free Admission to the Retail Business Technology Expo

Read The Cermaq/Netop Success Story

Retail network security - beyond Point of Sale systems

Check out our new digs

Cybersecurity toolkit available for UK retailers

New possibilities opening up with NRC 12.6

RAT infestation? The threat of Remote Access Trojans on Android devices

Expanded remote mobile support and authentication - Netop Remote Control 12.6!

Unpacking Remote Access: What to look for when choosing the right solution

Best Practices to Protect the Retail Environment

Netop Season's Greetings

POS Systems: The Proven Vulnerabilities

Upcoming security event: A cyber security executive breakfast

Security Alert: Ransomware attacks via Facebook Messenger using Google Chrome extensions

VSA and Evaluating the Security of Third-Party Providers

Promoting Security Awareness

The important difference between Help Desk and Service Desk

More secure, more configurable - NRC 12.50 has arrived!

EU Data Protection reform and its implications on remote access

"Netop Remote Control is our lifeline."

IoT Connections will Surpass Mobile in 2018

Connecting with Toshiba Global Commerce

Remote Air Traffic Control?

PC Pro's Rave Review of Netop Remote Control

Managed Service Providers, ATMs and Remote Support

Perfect Service from Netop Technical Support

Now hiring: Enterprise Account Manager for EMEA/APAC

Netop and iSpoc - A dynamic duo

Secure tunnels and Windows 10 support added to Netop Remote Control

NRC Portal Improvements - you talked, we listened

Alert: Secure Your POS System from Remote Attacks

Sally Beauty Breached... Again?

Connecting with Retailers at Toshiba Connect

Webinar: Understanding Security Threats and Mitigating Risk

Netop Remote Control Expands Android 5.0 Support

Protecting Point of Sale from PoSeidon

Remote Access & the Internet of Things at Embedded World 2015

New release makes Remote Control Portal even easier to use

Netop and Lynxspring collaborate on "Innovative Product of the Year"

The New Netop Remote Control: Secure, remote access across the Internet

2015 New Year's resolutions for data security

Happy holidays within the IoT

Supporting commercial use of Android

2014 Retail Cyberthreat Summit - register here

What CISOs know

Further reading on retail cyber security

Webinar: Retail Security Tips from the Pros

Millennials and the IoT: Part 2

Millennials and the IoT: Part 1

Business Opportunities and the IoT

Let's not forget about the Goodwill data breach

Next in line: the Jimmy John's breach

Gartner Analysts Discuss IoT

Home Depot: how to protect yourself from a breach like this?

Home Depot: analyzing the costs of a data breach

Home Depot: could be the biggest breach ever

Home Depot data breach: what happened?

New Release! Netop Remote Control 11.7

Four ways to make security a priority

The IoT security problem? Still a problem

Five Impressive Statistics About Android

Hackers Hit Albertson's, Community Health Systems

Three Remote Support Considerations for POS Devices

Four Remote Access Considerations for ATM Support

Curious how other companies are handling their IT?

Report: Security Concerns with Internet of Things Devices

Alert: POS Devices Targets of "Backoff" Malware

How to keep your remote access solution from becoming a hacker portal

Visa Security Alert: Multi-factor Authentication Matters

Considering Microsoft Surface Pros?

New report: U.S. is shifting its cyber security priorities

M2M: who's in the game?

M2M connections: taking the world by storm

Get Ready for CSAW

Cybercrime: the anatomy of a phenomenon

Lack of security pros could pose a national risk

H1 2014 Security Breaches

Heartbleed Update

Love pizza? Change your password

Five Ways to Restrict User Access

The impact of Windows XP EOL on banks & ATMs

Support for Embedded Devices

The Internet of Things: Changing our Thinking on Security

A checklist for managing vendor network access

Add Another Layer of Security with NRC 11.6

How Service Providers Can Leverage Netop

Is the U.S. Congress Capable of Passing Cyber Security Legislation?

The Rise of Vendor Risk Management

Federal Agencies Could Save $19 Billion on IT Spending

Concerned about retail security?

IT pros feel pressure to roll out projects despite security concerns

Got Vendors? Enable, Control & Monitor Access with Netop

Eight Things We Learned at the HDI Conference

Secure Remote Access to Offshore Vessels

Survey says: How IT pros use VPNs

Another Day, Another Lawsuit

Faster support for Windows devices!

Still using Windows XP? You need to upgrade!

Securely connecting the Internet of Things

End of Life for Netop Name Server

HDI Conference in 2 Weeks

Threats and Trends in the Internet of Things

Upcoming Webinar: How to Mitigate Retail Security Risks

ATX West - A monster of a show

Sochi likely not the hacking free-for-all NBC reported it to be

Friday Link Roundup

Target hack: attack came through HVAC

Sochi sets the stage more breaches in 2014

What Can Retail Executives Do About Security?

Friday Link Roundup: a Busy Week for 3D Printing

Where IT is investing in 2014

You ask, we deliver: Netop Remote Control is now available online

Friday Link Roundup

2014′s Biggest Tech Trends for Consumers and Enterprise Alike – Part 3

40 Million. 70 Million. 110 Million.

Introducing Secure Remote Access for 4690 Controllers

2014′s Biggest Tech Trends for Consumers and Enterprise Alike – Part 2

Friday Link Roundup

2014's Biggest Tech Trends for Consumers and Enterprise Alike - Part 1

Parlez-vous français?

Looking Ahead to 2014

Target's Data Breach Hits Home

Remote Support for Android Devices

Friday Link Roundup

New Version of Remote Control Released

Have you fallen victim to a recent data breach? This site will tell you.

Friday Link Roundup

Join Us This Week in Stockholm for CET Nordics

Improved Support for Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets

As Western Digital HAMRs out larger drives, will cloud storage become more affordable?

IT Spending on the Up and Up for 2014

Embedded Devices & Mitigating Risks

Bigger, Faster & Better

The Costs of Being Attacked

GE+Quirky Partnership Brings the Industrial Internet to a Home Near You

Friday Link Roundup

A nun and a reindeer walk into an office...

LYNX CyberPRO is Now Available

Friday Link Roundup

Embedded Attacks Beyond ATMs & POS Devices

New Version of Remote Control Mobile for iOS

Fusion 13 and other things we love about Nashville

Find Netop at a Tradeshow near you!

Friday Link Roundup

Getting the most from your IT blog - we want your feedback!

Updates to Remote Control & OnDemand Released

Friday Link Roundup

The Internet Grows Up

An Old Thief in a Modern World

Tell us what you think: browser-based remote access

Netop and Lynxspring join forces for BAS and BBQ

"Everything's great. Keep up the good work."

Inside the Mind of a CIO

Now Accepting WebConnect 2.0 Alpha Testers

Don't be afraid of Shodan

Video: Managing external consultants

Hacking Building Automation Systems

Security Threats & Embedded Devices

The Secret Life of Machines

Embedded Devices, Data Thieves and Thou

Is the clock ticking on your HIPAA compliance?

Netop Remote Control 11.12 for Mac and Linux

Are You Prepared for the Internet of Things?

IT shelling out big bucks in 2013

Why consolidate remote support?

Convenience Store Chain Leverages Netop to Maintain PCI Compliance & Increase Efficiencies

Netop Remote Control Mobile for iOS 1.5

Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

Taking our own medicine - Inside Netop tech support

Remote Support - at an App Store Near You!

Chatting with Service Desk Leaders at SITS

A First-Timer's HDI Experience (Part 2 of 2)

People Say the Nicest Things...

HDI 2013 - Vegas Style

A First-Timer's HDI Experience (Part 1 of 2)

Prepping for HDI 2013

How Do You Choose a Remote Control Solution?

Building a Better IT Service Channel

When Remote Access Falls into the Wrong Hands...

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