Another Industry Leader Chooses Netop

I am proud to announce that Netop Remote Control is now the exclusive remote access solution of yet another remarkable enterprise – a true leader in their field and one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Due to growing concerns around security and compliance, this customer chose to consolidate multiple remote access tools across their business, as well as their homegrown solution. The organization had utilized Netop Remote Control in their North American ATM markets, and the feedback from this usage proved as the proof of concept for a global deployment.

The roll-out introduces remote support and maintenance of ATMs for the first time in certain countries and we expect to see dramatic improvements in device uptime and cost savings, in addition to the greater security provided by Netop Remote Control.

Last year this same customer (along with NCR, Diebold, and other major banks across the US) participated in our research to benchmark the return on investment of remotely supporting ATM fleets. We found financial institutions that switch to Netop Remote Control eliminate an average 16% of yearly ATM service trips, amounting to huge savings on maintenance and upkeep.

I welcome another enterprise to the Netop family and I am always excited to see companies coupling strategic objectives to optimize their operational performance with the implementation of a consolidated solution that ensures security controls and regulatory compliance.

 - Toke Tangkjær, Executive Vice President

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