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2015 New Year's resolutions for data security

2015 is coming fast. Do you have your new year's resolutions ready? What about your data security resolutions? No? We can help. Read On

Happy holidays within the IoT

With December 25th around the corner, people across the globe are getting ready for Christmas. Others have different ways and reasons to celebrate; still others choose not to celebrate at all. We.... Read On

What CISOs know

Who's steering your organization's cyber defense efforts? The person at the helm of your security operation has a gigantic responsibility, as well as some gigantic opponents. There's been a rash of.... Read On

Further reading on retail cyber security

Click for source: IBM white paper Following this week's webinar on retail cyber security, we thought we'd pull together a few additional sources for you on the topic. Retailers: on cyber criminals'.... Read On

Millennials and the IoT: Part 2

In our last post, we mentioned millennials and the role this important generation plays in today's marketplace. Today, we're going to unpack that subject a bit. Read On

Millennials and the IoT: Part 1

Last week, we mentioned the business need to adapt in a world of "evolving tools and audiences." Evolving tools? The meaning there is plain. Within the IoT, tech innovations have become a new normal..... Read On

Business Opportunities and the IoT

So, about the Internet of Things. More specifically: about the business opportunities that the Internet of Things brings. Is this a subject to which you've given much thought? If not, you may find it.... Read On

Let's not forget about the Goodwill data breach

As long as we're talking data breaches, let's not forget Goodwill. First - a sidenote. This summer's breach count is pretty remarkable. But it's not just the number. If we were to hear that 10, or.... Read On

Next in line: the Jimmy John's breach

Remember how last week, we said that we hadn't seen the last of big retail data breaches? Read On

Gartner Analysts Discuss IoT

Last Friday, Gartner said that "by the end of 2017, over 20 percent of enterprises will recognize the need to protect business units which use Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and as a result, will.... Read On

Home Depot: how to protect yourself from a breach like this?

In our last post, we looked at the costs associated with a large-scale data breach, taking the recent attack on Home Depot as a case in point. We left off with a question: what can we learn from a.... Read On

Home Depot: analyzing the costs of a data breach

Last Friday, we compared the recent Home Depot data breach to that of Target in 2013. While the Target breach was big, it appears the Home Depot breach is even bigger. NPR put it this way: "If.... Read On

Home Depot: could be the biggest breach ever

Yesterday we gave you the details on what appears to be the biggest data breach in history: the Home Depot data breach, discovered not two weeks ago. You remember the Target breach, right? That.... Read On

Home Depot data breach: what happened?

On Tuesday morning last week, a massive batch of stolen U.S. payment card data hit the underground cybercrime market. Brian Krebs broke the news the same day. An investigation followed, in which.... Read On

New Release! Netop Remote Control 11.7

We're proud to announce the newest version of our industry-leading remote support solution, Netop Remote Control. Read On

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