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Now Available - Netop Portal Subscription

Remote Access that's Fast, Secure... and SaaS  Netop Remote Control now offers the Portal in a subscription model. You can launch fully encrypted OnDemand remote access sessions directly from a.... Read On

Retail ROI - How to Recognize a 158% Return on Remote Access

Calculating the Value of Remote Access Software  Many retailers use remote support because the value proposition is pretty clear. However, it's a challenge to put a real number on it. Now there's a.... Read On

Where Remote Access Fits in a Zero Trust Security Architecture

Zero Trust Remote Access  Say goodbye to "trust but verify." Now it's "never trust, always verify, enforce least privilege." (Centrify)  What is the Zero Trust model?  Years ago, IT and security.... Read On

When VPN is a Vulnerability

Remote Access Software Might be a Better Fit Using a VPN makes sense for many businesses. It lets remote workers, vendors, and service providers have access to the company's private network from.... Read On

Avoid RDP Vulnerabilities With a Fully Secure Remote Desktop

Replace RDP with the most secure remote desktop tool Nobody wants to worry about extra security issues - especially around remote access to a business network. That's why yesterday's headlines about.... Read On

8 Remote Access Predictions for 2019

Remote Access Predictions A month into 2019, it feels like the calm before the storm. There's been a lull in data breaches, and not many major headlines so far... but experts keep warning that the.... Read On

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