Yes, the GDPR Applies to your Company

Companies Aren’t Ready for the GDPR

During a recent group webinar with (you can watch the full recording of that here), we asked 200 IT professionals to rate their organizations’ preparedness for GDPR. These were their responses:

  • 17% – Very prepared
  • 13% – Almost ready
  • 40% – We’ve got a long way to go
  • 30% – I don’t think we’ve done a thing

With less than a year before it takes effect, 70% of organizations surveyed are not even close to being ready for the GDPR.… Read on

Remote Access and GDPR Part 3: The Impact of Requiring Consent

Quick, what is the most boring thing you can think of?

  • Sitting in traffic
  • Any company meeting that involves PowerPoint
  • Watching professional golf (that can’t just be me?)
  • Discussions of the role Consent plays in applying EU General Data Protection Regulations to the use of remote access and remote control software

I doubt the topic of GDPR Consent and remote access software was on your list.… Read on

Remote Access and GDPR Part 2: Pseudonymization and Encryption

The pseudonymization and encryption of personal data is required by the GDPR, but before we dive into this, ask yourself: how confident am I in my understanding of these terms? Even seasoned IT professionals struggle with these – especially when spelling and pronouncing them.… Read on

Remote Access and GDPR: A Compliance Odyssey – Part 1

With the release of the updated General Data Protection Regulation, its impact on remote control software has been on my mind a lot recently. If the topic of remote control and data protection doesn’t ring your bell, I understand. Unless you are a member of the help desk crowd, you probably don’t share my interest in remote control software.… Read on

NRC 12.61 – big value from a minor release

On May 17, Netop Remote Control version 12.61 becomes available. Technically, this is a “minor” update, but if you manage hardware with Intel vPro technology, you’ll find major value with this new release.

The new version includes a variety of updates, fixes, and improvements, but the star of the show is support for Intel Active Management Technology (AMT).… Read on