How Upgrading Your Remote Desktop Software Will Benefit You


In this post we’ll cover two of the main benefits. First, if you’re not already using remote desktop software to maximize your business’ efficiency, we’ll go over what it is and how it can help you and your employees get more out of work. Second, we’ll cover how upgrading from a basic, free version of a remote desktop solution to a more advanced, feature-packed offering can completely revolutionize your business processes.

Why Does Remote Desktop Software Matter for Your Business?

There is a lot to love about remote desktop technology. From supporting employees who work remotely to diagnosing server issues across the globe in an instant, it is a simple and elegant solution with applications for every modern business. 

Work From Home

One of the easiest benefits to explain is the flexibility that a remote desktop solution provides. Since it allows a computer to be accessed remotely from anywhere with an internet connection, you and your employees don’t have to be physically in front of a work computer to access the files and use the applications on it.

In emergency situations (something unexpected happens and keeps you from making it in to work), workflow is no longer brought to a complete standstill. Remote desktop allows you to make the final edits on a document saved to your office desktop computer or even lets your company’s IT team fix your computer if you’re working remotely and encounter an error.

Remote desktop solutions help keep businesses in line with modern workforce configurations. Many companies are offering regular work-from-home days as an incentive to attract top talent. 

They also provide full and part-time flexibility. When the requirement to physically sit in a centralized office location is removed from the equation, hiring options expand, and so does your business’ efficiency.


It sounds a bit scary to allow a remote user to access your work files or office network, but remote desktop solutions offer some of the best security in the industry. Even the most common best remote desktop software is built with that in mind, providing you security and control over what and how information, devices, and screens are shared.

However, the level and specificity of that control can differ, depending on the specific remote desktop software you choose (we’ll get more into that later). 

Think about the security remote desktop offers your business like a special ops team hired for the sole purpose of protecting your data. At Netop, we are constantly and vigilantly maintaining and upgrading our security protocols. With software that supports hundreds of businesses, we have more at stake than ever when it comes to keeping things safe. Therefore, it’s best to leave the security to the dedicated professionals. 

One of the best safety features about more advanced remote desktop options is the ability to view who is connected to your business’ devices and network at all times. At any moment if you suspect someone has access who shouldn’t, you can log in to see exactly what’s going on – and even take action or change permissions settings on the fly.

Access and Management

Remote desktop software literally lets you access your data from anywhere in the world. We can’t say enough about the level of convenience this provides. With a remote desktop solution, business travel is easier. You’d no longer have to carry around extra flash drives or hard drives since you have the ability to access all of your files in an instant.

Providing top-level management while increasing efficiency and peace of mind is what we at Netop do best. With the ability to manage your network from a single location, managing users and groups has never been simpler.

Maybe you realize that one of your employees might have a better perspective on a different group’s project. Maybe that realization comes late one night when you’re on a business trip to Asia. With remote desktop, you can immediately log in, give them access to the project, and move on.

Not All Remote Desktop Solutions Are Created Equal

Like all software these days, there are plenty of free remote desktop solutions available. But, like the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” A lot of the free versions don’t offer anywhere near the level of security and customization that a premium solution, like Netop offers. Many limit the security and efficiency features they offer.

If the whole point of getting a remote desktop solution is to increase the efficiency and security of your business’ processes, then wouldn’t limiting those features fly in the face of the advantages you’re looking for? 

Most of the basic remote desktop options are billed as “one-size-fits-all” solutions. But, as most businesses know, one size doesn’t always fit. Sure, it’s tempting to use something like Microsoft Remote Desktop Manager or TeamViewer. After all, Microsoft’s version comes pre-installed on many Windows devices. But when we take a deeper dive into what Netop offers, we see what these basic tools are actually lacking.

Only Netop can offer the security features that every business in 2019 needs. Each Netop remote desktop installation comes standard with:

- End-to-end 256-bit encryption

- Hardened network perimeters when communicating outside of your LAN (thanks to encrypted outbound connections)

- The ability to set a maximum number of invalid password attempts to prevent brute force attacks

- MAC/IP address filtering

- Advanced role-based security policies

- Access confirmation prompts

- A variety of authentication options

- Application whitelisting

- Closed user groups

Upgrading to Netop will allow you to connect to even the most complex network environments. No basic remote desktop software comes close to offering the flexibility and security that comes standard with every Netop installation.

Rather than encouraging you to change the way you do business to fit the limited capabilities of a generic remote desktop option, Netop adapts to your business processes. Our software’s flexibility even encourages more creativity around how you do business in the first place, leading to efficiencies and growth that go way beyond the limitations of “one-size-fits-all.”

In addition to these security features, Netop is the only remote desktop solution that can boast stringent adherence to compliance regulations including:




Netop’s flexibility extends to installation environments and payment options. Whether you’re looking for server, cloud, or hybrid hosting, Netop’s remote desktop can adapt to fit the bill. Netop also offers monthly and perpetual pricing options to fit a variety of business models.

Don’t let an inferior tool determine how you run your business. Upgrade to Netop remote desktop for a robust feature set that supports your goals and helps you grow.

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