Calculating the ROI of remote support for your business

The case for using remote support is simple: remote support reduces the number of costly and time-consuming service trips to on-site devices.

Whether you're supporting point of sale devices, troubleshooting machines on a production line, or clearing faults on ATMs, remote support boosts efficiency and saves money. But how much money, exactly?

Return on Investment: Remote Support of ATMs

On average, a company can save $48,124 annually per 100 ATMs by employing a remote access tool in their support strategy, which is a return on investment of 5.07. Let's check our work using the basic ROI formula below.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 12.54.13 PM

To determine the ROI of remote ATM support, we'll first need to calculate each value in our formula.

Let's start with the Gain from Investment. It's as simple as multiplying your number of devices, the cost of on-site support, the number of support trips, and the percentage of yearly service trips reduced with our product, Netop Remote Control.

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If you don't know the cost per on-site visit or the number of yearly service trips, our ROI workbook has the ATM industry averages plugged right into the formula. When we apply those averages, the Gain from Investment for 100 ATMs is $57,600.

Next, we'll find the Cost of Investment. Netop Remote Control costs less than $95 per ATM for a perpetual license. Multiply that amount by our sample size of 100 ATMs, and it is clear that the software is cost-efficient, based on the money saved (and efficiency gained) by supporting ATMs remotely. It pays for itself after just two months of use.

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Your Custom ROI of Remote ATM Support

Want to calculate your own Custom ROI of Remote ATM Support? Our workbook below will guide you through the process, step-by-step. Or, skip the math and let us calculate it for you by filling out the form here.






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