Concerned about retail security?

One needn’t look any further than recent headlines to understand retail_security_2the severity of cyber attacks. As a retail executive, however, what can you do to protect your company against cyber threats? How do you best protect point-of-sale devices from being compromised? What can you do to monitor and restrict employee access to sensitive data? How do you ensure you are PCI compliant? What are the best practices for vetting external vendors?

These and other questions were discussed during our recent webinar: “What Retail Executives Need to Know to Mitigate Security Risks.” During the 55 minute broadest, Greg Margosian, CTO of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, and Kent Madsen, CTO of Netop, offer their recommendations for protecting today’s retail environments and securely managing hardware and software, people and data.

Watch the recorded version now.

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