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Connecting with Retailers at Toshiba Connect

Remote Support for 4690Since 2014, when Toshiba partnered with Netop to bring Netop Remote Control into point-of-sale systems running on the Toshiba 4690 OS, Toshiba Connect has been one of our busiest events.  This year our Channel Development Manager, Yves Neidlinger, and our Regional Sales Manager, Robert Woods, will be representing Netop at the event in Nashville.  They'll be showcasing Netop Remote Control for 4690 - the remote access solution that extends graphical interfaces to remote agents and allows full access to supplemental menus and enhanced modes.

Netop Remote Control for 4690 secures remote access to POS  systems with PCI-compliant logging and full session recordings, as well as multi-factor authentication, strong encryption and custom security parameters.  One-to-many / many-to-one connectivity means that multiple agents can collaborate on remote tasks.  We've also incorporated 4690-specific keyboard shortcuts to ensure the best possible user experience.

Stop by and visit Yves and Robert in Booth #36 at Toshiba Connect.  They'll also be making the rounds at Opryland, visiting with our partners, current Netop customers and industry thought leaders and sharing what's new in remote access for retail technology.


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