When Remote Computer Access Comes in Handy


Remote Computer Access Is Here to Save the Day

As a business owner, you know that the difference between successful and unsuccessful days often comes down to make-it-or-break-it moments. We like to think that with enough meetings, planning, presentations and brainstorming everything will go smoothly. But no matter how hard we try, that’s almost never the case.

For most businesses, issues small and large arise faster than you feel you can solve them. It’s in these exact moments that remote computer access can swoop in and save the day.

An ATM in San Diego

In the forthcoming scenario, we’ll find out firsthand how remote computer access comes into play when resolving a serious issue – even one that is happening hundreds, or thousands, of miles away.

Let’s say your company has an ATM in San Diego. Like clockwork, an armored truck crew comes every afternoon between 3pm and 5pm to pull out and replace cash as needed. Today, they were running behind schedule, fitting in a late lunch right before coming to service your machine. It was a messy lunch – it’s become sort of a tradition for them to get Philly cheesesteaks on the first Wednesday of the month. With their attention focused on melted cheese and sticky fingers, they didn’t follow all the necessary steps to properly re-activate the ATM.

Now, the machine is out of service. Given your ATM’s convenient location and prominent signage, every minute it’s down means your customers aren’t being served (and another transaction fee could be going to someone else). It’s imperative you get the ATM operational ASAP.

With remote computer access, your ATM service provider can immediately connect to the machine remotely. It’s entirely possible your service provider can fix the issue right then and there, getting you up and running in a moment and without all the costs of rolling out a service truck. If that fails, the provider can run diagnostic tests to see if they need to send someone to fix the ATM in person.

Meanwhile, you can use Netop to schedule an automated script that pulls the ATM log files every day at 11pm, setting you up for better oversight of your equipment and the service providers who interact with it. With Netop remote computer access on your side, you’ll save time, money, and the headache of worrying whether your hardware is functioning properly and your service providers are hitting their SLAs.

What is Remote Computer Access?

Simply put, remote computer access allows you to control just about any computer or device imaginable - through the internet. Let’s say you have a server running a production line in Asia, but your office is in sunny Miami. A crucial process running on the server suddenly fails, threatening to halt all production in that location. Usually, you’d get in touch with a local technician to have them troubleshoot the issue, but with the time difference, all your onsite techs have gone home – it’s the middle of the night and they’re sleeping peacefully.

With secure remote computer access, you won’t have to sacrifice a full day’s production. A remote technician – say someone sitting down the hall from you – can access the server through a secure remote connection right from their desk in Florida. With the same access that a local tech would have, your tech can troubleshoot the issue, find the fix, and even update software and restart the server from afar. Just like that, your production line is back up and running and you didn’t even have to pick up the phone.

Speaking of phones, our remote computer access software even works from mobile devices. Let’s say, in the scenario above, that your tech in Miami happened to be out of the office when the server went down. You don’t even have to wait for them to get back in the office. Shoot over a text and boom! They can securely log into the remote server from their smartphone while they finish that errand.

Remote computer access also allows you to grant vendors and third parties controlled access to devices within your ecosystem. Let’s say your issue isn’t as dire as an entire production line going down halfway across the world. Instead, let’s say that you’ve contracted the routine maintenance of your retail PoS devices to a third party (your brother-in-law knows a guy who knows a guy – Brett – and would you look at that, now you’ve got a new vendor to update the software and maintain the hardware in all your stores). Instead of giving Brett the keys to the store, with remote computer access you decide when, where, and just how much access he’ll get – thus ensuring he can adequately fix problems without accessing every part of your network, or even entering the building.

The Dreaded Weekend Realization

It was a long week. Three projects got added to your plate midweek and, because it was one of those weeks, a director from the office on the opposite coast added a 6pm meeting on Friday. That’s right, you missed happy hour.

It’s finally Saturday, and you’re enjoying a much deserved break at the new coffee shop down the street –– when blam! It hits. Your boss needs the project files that you’re only now realizing are saved locally to your computer at work. Your mind races. Going back into work wouldn’t kill you, but it would sure come close.

Then you realize, in a moment of clarity, you have remote computer access! Without getting up, and between exquisite moments of relaxation, you log into your work computer from your smartphone. You remotely access your desktop to pull up the files your boss requested, attach them to an email, and even manage to smile at the barista from across the coffee shop.

Now that’s remote computer access coming in handy.

Remote Computer Access for Any Situation

No matter what kind of business you run, you’re wasting time, money, and effort if you don’t have remote computer access set up. At Netop, we’ve been building industry-leading remote access solutions for more than two decades, and we know how to give you the features that make life easier. Find the right remote access product for your company today.

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