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Convenience Store Chain Leverages Netop to Maintain PCI Compliance & Increase Efficiencies

How does one efficiently manage hundreds of technology devices oncue_logosituated in retail locations - some hundreds miles apart - all while maintaining PCI compliance?

Rocky Taylor, Director of IT at OnCue Express, recently faced this challenge. “We have a small IT team and a large area to cover. Physically going to all of our locations regularly just isn’t efficient,” Mr. Taylor noted.

Needing a way to support a range of IT assets in a PCI-compliant manner, Mr. Taylor turned to Netop Remote Control. Since deploying Netop's secure remote access and support solution, OnCue's staff has been able to monitor, update and troubleshoot equipment, all from a central office. With Netop, OnCue has improved response rates, gained efficiencies and lowered support costs.

Furthermore, with much of its IT infrastructure driven by PCI compliance, OnCue has integrated Netop's Security Server with their Active Directory to allow for centralized administration and authentication of all remote access support sessions. "Nearly all of what we do is compliance-driven. As soon as we catch up there are more requirements and Netop is a great partner to keep us current,” said Taylor.

Click here to read more about how OnCue Express utilizes Netop Remote Control.


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