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thumgIt's always nice when one of our customers takes the time to offer their feedback to us on our products. We get feedback through a variety of channels - some directly into our tech support, some in casual conversations at tradeshows, some in emails into our account managers. At Netop, we take this feedback very seriously - customer comments educate our product development processes, help us improve our customer service, and are liberally shared internally.

Salsbury Industries of Los Angeles, operators of and, is a long-time Netop Live Guide client who is using Live Guide chat on their website to extend their "offline red carpet customer service" to their online customers. The recently took the time to provide us some feedback on what they like about Live Guide (that would be the quality of the reporting and logs) and even some areas for improvement (they'd like managers to be able to monitor chats in real time).

Read the unedited comments on Netop Live Guide online chat solution from Salsbury Industries below.

How would you describe Live Guide to somebody who is looking at different chat solutions for their site?

Prior to selecting Live Guide, we had a checklist of functions we needed for our live chat solution. In addition to meeting our expectations, Live Guide also offers additional functions such as co-browsing, remote view and audio and video chat. While some functions are not commonly used, Live Guide convinced us that they built their platform to enhance the customer’s experience and were the right partner for us. Live Guide’s chat solution enables us to extend our offline red carpet customer service to our online customers.

What would you say is good about Live Guide?

Live Guide’s reporting function is exceptional. The reports are comprehensive and allow us to view the challenges of our front line associates. In addition to using the chat logs as learning and teaching tools, they also helped us shorten our product refresh cycle with direct real-time feedback from our customers.

What would you say needs improvement?

It would be great if an administrator (chat manager) could monitor real-time chats.

What has surprised you about Live Guide?

The amount of information in the reports. Viewable chat logs, individual response time, chat duration, login time, engage time and available time are all just part of the standard reporting package.

Any other comments or suggestions?

Everything’s great. Keep up the good work.


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