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Expanded remote support for Toshiba check-out terminals

We’ve been working with our partners at Toshiba GCS on developing a PCI-compliant solution that retailers can used to quickly resolve problems on controllers and terminals running Toshiba 4690 OS.  Today, that solution is available to the public.

When paired with Toshiba 4690 Premium Enablement, Netop Remote Control gives retailers and service providers a secure and reliable tool to identify and fix issues on point-of-sale equipment, reducing the cost of sending support on site.  This full-featured solution extends the functionality of Netop Remote Control to terminals and self-checkout lanes for consolidated support of all in-store technology.  With Netop, central support teams also can train in-store management and staff remotely.

Netop extends the full graphic UI to central support team – providing fast access to enhanced controls and supplemental menus.  With centralized user management, customizable access rights and complete logging and session recordings, Netop Remote Control is designed to support PCI compliance.

Using Netop Remote Control on 4690 Terminals enables:

  • Full graphic remote control
  • Collaborative support
  • Central management of user rights and security policies
  • Full encryption
  • PCI-compliant session logging and complete screen recordings


On self-checkout terminals running 4690 OS, support teams can:

  • Remote mouse control
  • View Operational Screen flows
  • Capture video of Operational Screen flows
  • Enter Shopper Assistance Screens

Netop Remote Control activation on terminals requires the Toshiba 4690 Premium Enablement for Netop feature as well as Toshiba 4690 V6R5 CSD 0HL0 or later.  On controllers, the Netop Basic Enablement descriptor file and Toshiba 4690 V6R4 CSD 0D10 are required.

To learn more about how Netop Remote Control can be used to support Toshiba 4690 point-of-sale systems – as well as Windows, Android and other in-store technology – contact us.





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