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Faster support for Windows devices!

Netop for Windows devicesSupporting a mobile workforce is a fundamental challenge for many tech support professionals.  Whether supporting mobile devices in-house - like POS scanners or medical equipment - or supporting employees in the field, IT pros are tasked with accessing a diverse set of assets.  Netop Embedded solutions make it possible for tech teams to quickly access, diagnose and remedy issues on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

Today, Netop released a new version of Netop Embedded for Windows-based tablets, smartphones and devices.  This new version comes on the heels of our release of remote support for Android devices, expanding the breadth of platforms that Netop users can support.  With the release of Netop Embedded for Windows, version 10.10, support agents can access and fix Windows devices more rapidly than ever before.

Netop Embeded for Windows now includes full support for Quick JPEG and TurboJPEG - allowing support teams to take full advantage of these interfaces for rapidly decompressing image files.  We've also improved support for saving events to file in the Netop Host and Host Manager.  The bottom line is faster issue resolution for the mobile employees and devices you support.

Complete information on this release can be found in the updated release notes.  Customers with current Netop Advantage subscriptions have been sent updated license keys.  If your Netop Advantage subscription has expired, you can bring it current at


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