Four ways to make security a priority

If a thing isn't being done right... sometimes you've just got to do it yourself.

In our last post, we highlighted the fundamental lack of security in the world of connected devices: a problem so common, call it ubiquitous.

At a time when technological innovation amounts to a digital tsunami and the Internet of Things (IoT) is taking the world by storm, an ugly reality lurks. Many of the minds behind IoT's connected devices just aren't prioritizing security.

Which is why, if you don't want to suffer the fallout of a data breach at your organization, you can't afford to make assumptions about your vulnerability. Or to choose a software solution without asking hard questions about the functionality it does (and does not) offer. Or to go another day without a solid, multi-layer security strategy in place.

That's a big goal, we know. To make it more attainable, we've identified four steps that are essential for a remote control security strategy in today's threat landscape.

Four Ways to Prioritize Security

1. Make sure you're implementing best-practice encryption to protect your data, whether you're controlling everything through your own servers, or relying on cloud services.

2. You must have a way to control user access to the devices that you maintain remotely. Make sure you can set criteria for which invitations are accepted, through IP address checks, closed user groups, callback verification and end-user approval.

3. Once a user has access, what are they allowed to do? Make sure you can set rights and privileges on the group or individual level. And use a solution that facilitates centralized management, so you won't have to manage those settings on each individual device.

4. Records, records, records. Keep a detailed audit log of every action your users take, so you can demonstrate a history of policy compliance and, worst case scenario, detect a breach quickly should one take place.

Learn more. Read about our approach to security with Netop Remote Control.

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