Friday Link Roundup

Interesting Things We Found Around the Web

First we go to ZenDesk, who examines 5 trends impacting the enterprise IT help desk, including consumerization.
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With consumer products changing the scope of enterprise IT, HDI discusses the evolution of ‘Desktop Support,’ and how the focus moved away from hardware to be more about the user.

With LinkedIn being the go-to resource for making business connections, and iPhones rapidly spreading throughout enterprises, consider the concerns raised by Forbes over LinkedIn’s Intro iOS Mail integration, and what this means for email security.

While many are discussing how’s launch could have been better managed, Veltec Networks takes an IT approach in pointing out 4 IT lessons to be learned from the website’s launch.

As long as we’re discussing online signups, take heed of Yoast’s warning of why you should never use your browser’s form autocomplete function.


Bonus link: You can now Google the difference between animal speciesBug report: does not compare the airspeed velocity of unladen African and European swallows.

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