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CSAW '14 LogoYou've heard about Black Hat: the conference that sets the bar for all other cyber security conferences.

But have you heard of CSAW?

Nov 13-15, 2014
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For students, recruiters & industry pros

CSAW stands for Cyber Security Awareness Week: an annual event now in its eleventh year. It's organized by the Information Systems and Internet Security (ISIS) Lab at NYU Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, New York.

Think of it like Black Hat for students: attended by high schoolers, undergrads, graduate students and professors from all over the world. In fact, it's the largest student-run cyber security event in the United States.

Six Competitions

CSAW features six cyber security competitions over the course of the weekend, from Capture the Flag to a Red Team/Blue Team face-off.

Career Fair

For recruiters and job-seekers, there's a career fair where government and private organizations can identity the up-and-coming talent, and tomorrow's experts can get their career started on the right track.

Research Conference

What about the non-students? the non-recruiters? The two-day THREADS conference at CSAW caters to anyone with a professional interest in the field: focusing on emerging developments in attack and defense as well as pragmatic, real-world applications for industry pros.


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