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Got Vendors? Enable, Control & Monitor Access with Netop

For many companies, external vendors play an External-Mgmt_Movie-Thumbnailimportant role in helping to maintain operational efficiencies. Third parties are used to support everything from enterprise applications to specialty devices like ATM machines and manufacturing equipment.

If you are an administrator though, how do you grant access while ensuring a vendor adheres to your company’s security policies? How can you be certain a vendor will only access what they’re supposed to? And how do you know a vendor isn’t providing their login privileges to other staff members?

In addition to being used to provide internal remote support, Netop Remote Control is an effective solution for managing vendor access while protecting a business’s IT infrastructure. Whether working with ten vendors or 10,000, with Netop, administrators can grant access, assign granular permissions and monitor session activity - all with relative ease.

For more information, watch our short video on vendor management, check out our website or sign up for a free trial.


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