Happy holidays within the IoT

IoT at ChristmasWith December 25th around the corner, people across the globe are getting ready for Christmas. Others have different ways and reasons to celebrate; still others choose not to celebrate at all.

We live in a diverse and global world: we are not all alike. And yet, there is a universal appeal to that notion of peace on earth.

We’re diverse, but we’re also interconnected. Interconnectivity has played a role in human communities since humans have been around. We exist in the context of our relationships: to our families, our extended circles, neighboring groups, neighboring countries.

Within the IoT era, that interconnectivity has become all the more tangible. It’s reached beyond human players, to things, creating deeper, more intertwined connections.

What better time to reflect on how that’s transforming our world?

Meanwhile… here are three fun IoT-inspired ways to celebrate the season.

Christmas cheer, IoT style

Cheerlights. If you didn’t catch it last year, this is a project of the IoT group ioBridge Labs, which lets users participate in a synchronized Christmas light show that spans the world. Tweet a recognized color name to @Cheerlights, and lighting systems around the world will display the color you chose. Here’s the website.

Choreographed house lights. For Christmas connectivity closer to home, you can follow these DIY instructions to connect your Christmas lights to your Christmas music. Not for the inexperienced.

Santa Detector. Here’s a series of posts that tell you how to build your own infrared Santa-detector. Curious? Click here.

Whatever your plans may hold, we hope you have a wonderful week and take time to enjoy what’s most important to you.


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