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How Do You Choose a Remote Control Solution?

Choosing Remote Support SoftwareFor almost 30 years, remote control software has made it possible for IT professionals to connect to laptops, desktops, servers and other devices to manage networks and provide support – saving time, money and resources. Yet in an evolving IT environment, the business requirements for remote control software are also changing. Today's remote control solution must meet the needs of a heterogeneous workforce, support BYOD initiatives, deploy solutions across many users and provide extensive security. The remote solution an IT team selects will have a strong impact on its organization's scalability, compatibility and security.

Trying to make sure that your remote control software meets the evolving needs of your business - Does it provide audit trails? Does it meet new standards for compliance? - can be a daunting task.  We've created a guide for IT leaders to use in evaluating which remote control solution best meets their organizational needs.  This free guide looks at remote control software functionality and highlights the questions that IT professionals should ask when comparing different remote support tools.

Download Netop's "Three Fundamental Rules for Choosing the Best Remote Control Software."

Access Netop's complete library of free ITSM resources, click here.


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