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How Service Providers Can Leverage Netop

As an external IT service provider, how do you satisfy your service level agreements? For many vendors, supporting customer technology assets requires frequent travel to any number of client locations. Canadian-based SIR solutions, however, has found a better way to meet the demands of their customers. It uses Netop Remote Control.

Supporting retail customers across grocery, pharmacy and SIR solutionsconvenience store verticals throughout Canada, SIR Solutions offers point-of-sale hardware, software and support services solutions proven to scale with business growth. In contracting with retailers, it has introduced operational efficiencies which have helped its customers optimize revenues, increase profit margins, reduce labor costs and minimize fraud.

A significant part of SIR’s value proposition stems from Netop as each day the company receives 200+ support calls, most of which require remote access to resolve. According to Benoit Perigny, network administrator at SIR Solutions, “Netop Remote Control is the primary application we use to support our clients. It would be cost-prohibitive to send staff on-site for every issue that arises.”

Another key benefit of using Netop is the ability for SIR to maintain PCI compliance. With Netop, the company can centrally manage and assign user permissions. In so doing, it can implement PCI policies across the organization, while creating extensive audit trails of all remote session activity.

If you’re a service provider who supports clients with IT assets dispersed across many locations, Netop Remote Control can be an effective tool for not only meeting your SLA requirements but also growing and scaling your business.

Learn more about Netop and SIR.


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