[INFOGRAPHIC] Your Custom ROI of Remote ATM Support

If you don’t have a remote support solution installed on your ATM fleet, you are likely spending far too much on maintenance and upkeep of your equipment. Our latest infographic calculates how much you could save by eliminating unnecessary service trips with Netop Remote Control, based on our conversations with NCR, Diebold, as well as banks and service providers across the country.

Of course, not every ATM fault can be resolved remotely. There will always be maintenance and hardware upkeep that can only be done in person. However, Netop Remote Control eliminates an average of 2 out of 12 truck rolls, improving customer experience, maximizing the investment on bank equipment by boosting ATM uptime, and allowing managed service providers to exceed their SLAs.

Take a look at our ATM ROI infographic. There's no way you're not interested in saving money, so we know you'll like what we have to tell you. Your ROI might not align exactly with our calculations - factors like the age of equipment and transaction volume guarantee that every ATM’s support cost will be unique. However, the principle remains the same: Netop Remote Control eliminates costly on-site service trips. Submit the form beneath the graphic and we will happily help you calculate your custom return on investment.

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