Inside the Mind of a CIO

The Mind of a CIOIf you haven’t encountered it, Vodaphone’s Transform Magazine is worth a look. Each issue has a lot of interesting info – and infographics – that touch upon the IT and ITSM space. Issue 11 has a nice write-up on the tipping point we are fast approaching in M2M. Their review of Circle Research’s canvass of IT Managers, CIOs, and others involved in setting organizational M2M strategy contains this nugget:

“30% of respondents have an M2M plan but are not anticipating launching it within the next two years.”
(Orirginal source: The M2M adoption barometer 2013. Circle Research.)

Clearly, juggling the new demands of M2M IT management and BYOD initiatives, IT managers are needing to choose the priorities that best meet their organization’s needs. This delicate balancing act is captured nicely in Transform’s infographic on the three concurrent threads that demand a heady chunk of a CIO’s grey matter – propelling growth, improving efficiencies, and managing security. Check out the infographic below (via

Entering the mind of a modern CIO

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