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The IoT security problem? Still a problem

IoT Security ProblemsA few months ago, we did a post on the security problems that are brought to bear by the trend toward connected-everything, a.k.a. the Internet of Things (IoT).

The sheer volume of connected devices is exploding, and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

As a result?

"Thingbots" have become a target for hackers, who are using such seemingly innocuous devices as home routers, televisions and refrigerators to... well, to spy on you.

Security problems of IoT in the home continue

It's a trend that Forrester Analyst Andrew Rose pointed out earlier this summer. In a recent blog post he tells what he observed at a trade show dedicated to physical security, where he discovered that "few, if any, vendors, had thought through the logical security issues and none were including it in their sales training."

"I spoke to six or seven vendors of similar technology sets and asked how they managed the logical security around their product. Almost every response began with a pause... then came, 'Well, you know that nothing can ever be totally secure,' and then they abruptly ended with, 'We have encryption!'"

Other juicy replies he heard:

  • "Our engineers look after that."
  • "They wouldn't let us sell it unless it was secure."
  • "I'm sure it’s fine."

Whatever else these innovative devices may offer, on the whole, they appear to lack the fundamental safeguards that are essential to information security at its most basic. Functionality and glitz? IoT for the win. Making sure your garage door opener doesn't stab you in the back? Fail.

As the world plunges headfirst into an era of total connectivity, and we come to rely on connected devices in nearly every aspect of our lives, for the moment, one thing is clear: security is still not a priority here.

Is security a priority for you?

To be sure, there's no such thing as "totally secure." Yet crafting an effective security scheme for your organization is not an unattainable goal. Many best practices are simple; many not hard to implement. Many advanced security measures can be easily incorporated simply by shopping for the IT solutions that include them.

The best strategy will include a combination of safeguards, and to be sure, it won't happen by itself. Effective security does require intentionality and foresight. But when you compare that to the overwhelming costs associated with a security breach? That's effort well-invested.

Get a handle on what security for connected devices really involves: read the white paper here.


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