Introducing Secure Remote Access for 4690 Controllers

Are you a retailer who relies on the Toshiba 4690 operating system to power in-store transitions?

If so, you’re aware that unlike traditional Windows, Toshiba-4690-Laptop-Screens_smLinux and Mac operating systems – where remote access capabilities are widely available – the options for secure remote support of 4690 machines have been limited. As such, when supporting 4690 Controllers, remote operators have primarily relied upon terminal access using a computer located within a retail store’s LAN.

But now, this is no longer necessary. In partnership with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, retailers can leverage Netop Remote Control to:

  • Establish secure remote connections directly to any 4690 Controllers.
  • Troubleshoot, diagnose and manage 4690 Controllers from a remote location.
  • Transfer the graphical display and control the remote keyboard and mouse.
  • Escalate and collaborate with multiple connections to the same 4690 Controller.

Netop Remote Control is available for Toshiba 4690 Controllers running version 6.4 or later.  Learn more.

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