Is the clock ticking on your HIPAA compliance?

On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP – this will mark the end of HIPAA/HITECH compliance for Windows XP. Even though Microsoft stopped selling XP about 5 years ago, it remains fairly ubiquitous – with approximately 40% of Windows devices still running on it.Windows XP Market Share

What does this mean for IT teams within HIPAA-covered entities? Many are already well into the process of migrating to Windows 7 or other supported options. At Netop, we still encounter some who are in the beginning stages of migration – or who haven’t yet begun. For the latter, there is an additional burden of managing legacy applications that have not been updated to run on a more modern OS. This can be particularly challenging when key business systems are included among these applications.

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A couple of recent posts that encapsulate the reasons for beginning your system migration promptly and key considerations along the way:

The bottom line for HIPAA-covered entities – large and small: if you haven’t already started, you need to make Windows XP migration an IT priority.  April 8 will be here more quickly than you think