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IT Spending on the Up and Up for 2014

Two weeks back, we briefly touched on the prediction that the majority of IT spending will be cloud-related in the coming years. Now, recent surveys suggest that all of IT is to benefit from a massive increase in spending next year.

TEKsystems polled CIOs regarding their 2014 budget expectations, and found that 62% of respondents expect their budgets to grow. This is an increase over last year, notes Mathew Schwartz of InformationWeek, recalling that last year, approximately 50% of IT executives said their 2013 budgets would grow. The majority will direct this increased spending towards mobile platforms, the cloud, and data security.

Schwartz also notes that salaries are expected to increase as well, especially for developers and engineers.

CIOs' increased budgets -- and evolving priorities -- come with an upside for many types of IT employees: a higher salary. Sixty-nine percent of the IT executives said they expected to increase salaries for programmers and developers, followed by software engineers and project managers (both 67%), security personnel and IT architects (both 65%), business analysts (63%), employees involved with mobile technology (62%) and business intelligence and big data (60%).

Product development doesn't hog all the attention, however, as companies are also recognizing the importance of building and maintaining strong consumer relations.

Other positions pegged for salary increases include cloud personnel (58%), help desk and technical support (56%), and social media (50%).

TEKsystems isn't alone in its prediction. Research firm International Data Corp also predicts 2014 to be a "rebound year" for IT around the globe. China, Europe, and the US are expected to be the biggest benefactors, despite 2013 being a slow growth year for the Chinese IT market, as noted by Tess Stynes of the WSJ.

These predictions together suggest increased confidence by IT managers internationally, as they've come to recognize the importance of emerging platforms and rare employee skillsets as being crucial for successful growth in the coming year.

If you wish to explore these statistics in detail, TEKsystems has summarized their findings in a handy infographic, which you can find here.


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