[Live Demo] Authentication and Authorization

As security perimeters grow in scope and complexity, more businesses are adopting a zero-trust cybersecurity framework. 

At the core of this initiative is identity and access management (IAM). These controls determine who can access which resources, from where, and at what times.

In this webinar, we discuss how this works in a remote access context. With Netop Remote Control, users can be authenticated and then authorized to access a specific set of devices and resources.

All of this activity should take place under the close scrutiny of IT and security teams, but without the process becoming so cumbersome that it slows down business agility. With Netop, your team has every capability necessary to create a flexible and robust approach to secure remote access.

We hope you'll join us for a live demo this week, where we'll show exactly how to do that (and field any questions you'd like to ask).


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