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LYNX CyberPRO is Now Available

lcp_logoAttacks on embedded devices extend well beyond traditional targets like point-of-sales terminals and ATMs. With so many devices connected to the Internet, medical equipment, video cameras and even baby monitors have proven to be susceptible to attacks. Increasingly, so too are industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) devices.

Since 2012, we have been busy working with our partner, Lynxspring, on an innovative security solution for the building automation industry. What started with conversations and whiteboard outlines has evolved into LYNX CyberPRO, the industry's first cyber-threat protection system designed specifically to enhance the protection of commercial building automation and energy management systems. Today, we are pleased to announce that LYNX CyberPRO is now available.

Designed to help building owners, facility managers, IT staff and system integrators protect their ISC and SCADA devices, LYNX CyberPRO removes exposed devices and ports from the public Internet while providing secure remote access to authorized personnel. In other words, using LYNX CyberPRO, businesses can hide ICS and SCADA devices from being discovered by potential hackers, essentially eliminating cyber threats all together.

Easy to install and simple to operate, LYNX CyberPRO supports leading building automation protocols using TCP/IP networks, open and legacy systems, and can be deployed within existing buildings or new construction in single or multi-facility environments.

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