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M2M: who's in the game?

Industries that Benefit from M2M Netop Remote ControlElectronics. Utilities. Manufacturing. Healthcare. Retail.

What do these industries have in common? Radical M2M adoption.

According to the 2014 M2M Adoption Report by Vodafone, the M2M adoption percentiles for these industries are now 29%, 28%, 20%, 19% and 17%, respectively.

Here's another way to say it: in the global marketplace, "M2M adoption has increased by more than 80%, with over a fifth of companies now actively using the technology" (source).

What's driving the M2M rush?

There's a number of good incentives:

  • Opportunity for innovation
  • Cost savings from automation
  • Process and productivity improvements
  • ROI expected in just two years' time
  • Need for competitive advantage

Speaking of competitive advantage, where does your business fall in the spectrum? Vodafone identified several M2M adoption "personas," if you will.

Which adopter are you?

The laggard: "We haven’t seriously considered M2M." (22%)
The rejector: "We did consider M2M - but we decided against it." (3%)
The embryonic adopter: "We want to adopt M2M. We just don't have a date yet." (19%)
The fast-follower: "We plan to have an M2M project in place within two years." (33%)
The pioneer: "We're all over it. We've already got an M2M project in place." (22%)

How to get in the game?

If you haven't yet deployed M2M in your enterprise, and you're still brainstorming what that would look like, click over to this Forbes article. It will get you started asking the right questions.

If you're in the process of defining your deployment strategy, give careful thought to security. Too many businesses overlook this aspect of M2M, to their detriment. Don't roll the dice.

Whether you're preparing for your deployment or you've already adopted M2M, consider your approach to management and maintenance - and don't settle for anything less than secure, consolidated and convenient.


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