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M2M connections: taking the world by storm

M2M ConnectionsNo doubt about it, M2M connections are on the rise.

Executives, take note. Expected to top two billion globally by the year 2015, machine-to-machine connections "are steadily transforming businesses and opening up new services," said Globe Telecom Head of IG Reynaldo Lugtu, Jr.

M2M is a fast-track to greater efficiency, offering night-and-day gains - as much as 30% - by streamlining company infrastructure, automating processes and consolidating operations. It can speed decision-making and even add new streams of revenue, Lugtu added... and enterprises around the world are responding to that. According to Virtual Strategy Magazine:

Considering all geographies worldwide, this market is currently valued at $2.98 billion. The total revenue pertaining to this segment is estimated to reach $4.76 billion by the end of 2019.

To get a little more specific, here's a regional breakdown of projected revenues from satellite M2M communication around the globe.

Geography Estimated Revenue by 2019
Europe $1.02 billion
North America $1.43 billion
Latin America $660.7 million
Asia/Pacific (APAC) $1.07 billion


What role do M2M connections play in your company? Have you taken the initiative to exploit this technology? If not, what's holding you back?


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