Managed Service Providers, ATMs and Remote Support

One of the great things about Netop's remote access technology is that it is readily customized to meet a wide range of applications.  What was originally a way to remotely reboot servers evolved into a way to support end users with technical issues.  The next step in this evolution is access to and support of remotely deployed devices.  We are in what seems like constant conversations with our customers about the innovative ways they are using Netop Remote Control to support machinery on factory floors and in clean rooms, point-of-sale systems, sensors and other production technology.

Our customers are innovators - and we work with them to discover how Netop Remote Control can make their remote access visions a reality.  I recently had the chance to visit with the chief technologist for a large managed service provider* who is one such innovator.  By taking advantage of Netop's ability to support scripting, his firm has gained the ability to remotely monitor, diagnose and service their fleet of ATMs.  In doing so, their support and service are on the way to being a profit center for their business.  In working with our product and support teams, they've developed means for downtime alerts and mechanisms that notify field technicians when cash levels are low.  The result is fewer overall truck rolls and greater efficiency when on-site support is needed.  But the real payoff is in decreased ATM downtime and satisfied financial customers.

We're working on providing more details on this user and their success in using Netop Remote Control to support their ATM fleet and serve their customers.  We've also created more detailed information on the scripting function of Netop Remote Control - including sample scripts - so other customers can use their own creativity to expand the potential of our technology.

* Because so many of our customers use Netop Remote Control to access production technology and devices - such as ATMs - for which security is the utmost concern, I've opted to omit the customer and business name.

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