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Audit logging now available in the Netop Portal

During the early morning hours of October 25th, Netop released an update to the Netop Remote Control Portal. This update introduces a new audit logging capability, providing users with a thorough record of all portal based activities.

Audit logs are an invaluable tool for monitoring the security and integrity of your systems. With Netop’s Portal based audit logs, account administrators and account owners have a tamper proof archive of information that can be used for analyzing potential security breaches or internal missuse of information. Audit logs also provide insight on how an organization’s users are interacting with the Netop Portal.

Benefits of Netop Portal Audit Logs

Increased security
Audit logs let you keep track of all the activity on your Portal account. Monitoring audit logs allows an organization to spot security breaches or internal misuses of information. While audit logs won’t prevent a problem from happening, they are often the only way of identifying a breach once it has occurred. Audit logs are critical in developing a response and correction plan once a breach or misuse of data has been discovered.

Meet Legal and Regulatory Compliance Requirements
Robust audit logs are a recommended best practice for organizations who need to secure digital data. For organizations operating under industry or governmental regulations, audit logs are often more than a best practice – they are a requirement. During a security audit or review, audit logs and reports provide the proof of record-keeping many organizations and government entities require for regulatory compliance.

Better Portal usage strategy
Because an audit log tracks how long and how frequently individual users access the Netop Portal, it can be used to gain detailed insight into how the various parties are using the Netop Portal, enabling the company to be more strategic with its usage of the console.

How to set up and use

Please note that, audit logging is available to users with elevated privileges only.

Audit logging is enabled by default; however, if for any reason it has been disabled for your account, you should enable it from Account > Configuration under the Account security area.

You can get valuable information by generating log reports within a specific date interval from Manage > Logs by clicking Generate report.

To review and monitor the activity of specific users in the Portal, you need to download the log reports and open them in a readable format.

For more information on audit logging and Reports, see the Netop Portal User’s Guide here.

More on the Netop Portal

The Netop Portal is available free of charge to customers with a Netop Remote Control Guest license covered by the Netop Advantage Annual Support and Upgrade Protection Program.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this update. If you haven’t seen the Netop Portal in action, create a free Netop Remote Control Portal account and download the latest versions of the Netop Remote Control Guest and Host modules.


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