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Netop Remote Control 12.65: Faster and easier setup and improved response time

Today, we released Netop Remote Control version 12.65.  With a streamlined process for enrolling Windows based Hosts, improved security and new management capabilities for mass deployments, Netop Remote Control version 12.65 brings significant value to users of the Netop Remote Control Portal.

This release also provides an improved user experience for Supporters using the Netop Remote Control Guest module. When Windows based Hosts are configured to use Netop Portal as their Guest Access Security setting, the streamlined process and enhanced security provides faster authentication into remote devices. Faster authentication leads to improved response times and faster issue resolution.

The Netop Portal is available free of charge to customers with a Netop Remote Control Guest license covered by the Netop Advantage Annual Support and Upgrade Protection Program. For more information on the Netop Portal, see the Netop Portal User’s Guide here.

As a maintenance release, version 12.65 is free for all customers with a valid 12.60 license key as well as for anyone who is current with their Netop Advantage Program.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this update. If you haven’t seen the Netop Portal in action, create a free Netop Remote Control Portal account. Read more about the 12.65 release from the modification notes or download the latest version of Netop Remote Control components.

Netop Remote Control 12.65


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