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Netop Remote Control Expands Android 5.0 Support

Remote Control for Android at WorkOne of the main reasons businesses turn to Netop is our cross-platform remote support.  We know the benefit of having a single, trusted solution for accessing the wide array of devices and platforms that IT teams need to support.  We call it "consolidation" and it benefits our customers by increasing service efficiency, decreasing total costs and allowing them to maintain a single remote support solution. We've recently updated and expanded our support for Android devices.  The newest version of Netop Remote Control Mobile for Android is now available.  With this release, we've updated our interface - creating new menu options for easier setup and day-to-day use.  We've also added multi-language support with English, French, Danish and Russian languages available.  Most importantly, we've added support for Android 5.0 (Lollipop) in rooted devices. Many Netop customers are supporting bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives.  With yesterday's release of Google's Android for Work app in the Google Play store, Google is making it easier for users to segment their work apps from their personal apps and data on older smartphones.  The app will also make it easier for IT admins to select, manage and isolate apps for employees.  Because of its perceived security advantage, Apple maintains the lion's share of the enterprise tablet and device market.  The advent of Lollipop - with it's native ability to create separate work profiles - and the new Android for Work app make it possible for Android to weaken Apple's stranglehold on commercial use cases. Our forward-thinking - and cost-conscious - customers have already begun talking to us about the possibility of utilizing Android devices in numerous ways: for employees collecting data in the field, for technicians servicing equipment, as mobile POS devices.  With this release of Netop Remote Control Mobile for Android, we're staying with them - and ahead of the curve - by offering a consolidated, secure remote access solution that supports the latest Android development.


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