Netop Remote Control earns a 5-star review from PC Pro magazine

In its October 2019 issue, PC Pro magazine reviewed Netop Remote Control v12.77, and we could not be more pleased with the results. PC PRO logo recommended

"This versatile support tool has a connection for every occasion, backed up with extensive access security."

Best-in-market security 

Security has been at the core of Netop Remote Control from the start, and the result of our focus is crystal-clear in the venerable magazine's review. 

"Access security is a serious issue when it comes to remote support - and Netop’s Remote Control has it by the bucketful. It uses 256-bit AES session encryption by default, and you can enforce multi-factor authentication for web portal access, integrate it with Active Directory, assign roles to individual technicians to control what they can do and even use your own custom security certificates."

Few details in the PC Magazine review of Netop Remote Control were left out 

"Plenty of thought has gone into client-side security too. The host software installer can be tailored in various ways, with enrollment packages allowing you to specify an expiry date for the agent and limit the number of times it can be accessed."

"Additionally, you can assign each system to a device group at the point of installation, which in turn governs which technicians have access; it’s even possible to set up a whitelist to specify exactly which applications can be remotely run on client systems."

Efficient, flexible configuration

The experts at PC Pro noticed the efficiency of Netop Remote Control too.

"Setting up Windows clients is swift. The agent can be downloaded directly from the web portal, or you can email a link to a specified user... the process took around 30 seconds on each of our Windows 10 desktops."

There was also a nod to the increasingly popular Netop Portal:

"The web-based management interface gives you an overview of all registered devices, along with the option to launch an instant browser-based support session over HTTPS. For everyday support tasks this might be all you need, providing simple remote access plus options to lock, restart or shut down the host." 

Full-featured remote support software

Toward the end, the reviewers turned to the core of the product and the features that have made Netop Remote Control a go-to resource in the IT professional's toolkit for decades. 

"The main attraction [is the] remote-control capability, which offers all the tools a support technician could ask for."

In summary, the favorable review gives IT professionals all the more reason to switch to Netop. We're making the switch easy by covering the rest of our competitors' contracts and matching their rates, for a limited time. 

"Netop remote support is an impressively feature-rich and highly secure solution, and it features a hybrid design that’s ideal for businesses wanting a versatile range of connection options. Even better, it offers a choice of perpetual and subscription-based licensing schemes, so there’s a package to suit every budget."

Our software developers are enjoying this five-star review of Netop Remote Control, but they know this isn't time to sit back. They are busy adding capabilities and refinement to the next version of the product.

You can try it free for 30 days to see how they're doing. 


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