OnDemand support for macOS and iOS


Netop Remote Control OnDemand now supports Windows, macOS, and iOS devices. In addition, we’ve improved the service to make session initiation easier and significantly faster. Keep reading to learn about the updates and improvements to our award winning remote support solution.

Support for Windows, macOS, and iOS

Netop Remote Control OnDemand now supports macOS and iOS devices. Service desk technicians can see the full screen of the remote device and troubleshoot problems, document issues, and provide assistance to remote users. For Windows and macOS devices, keyboard and mouse control is also available. It’s as if you are sitting right in front of the device, tapping keys, moving the mouse, or swiping between screens.

New session keys

We heard from service desk technicians that asking remote users to enter an alpha-numeric session key could be difficult. Session keys with a mix of letters and numbers may not sound like a problem, but if you’ve got a bad phone connection and the remote user has to switch between screens to find numbers and letters, there can be issues.

To make this easier for everyone we’ve moved to 9-digit session keys that are numbers only. Session keys are now similar to “123456789”. We’ve also improved the process of inputting those keys. In most cases, technicians will supply the remote user a custom link that will pre-fill the session key for the remote user.   

Automatic detection of the remote operating system

Another challenge reported by support technicians was instructing users on which package they should install. “Should I choose the 32-bit or 64-bit option?” was a frequent question from remote users.

Those questions are eliminated by automatically detecting the operating system of the remote user during the download process. With this update, when a remote user is directed to download OnDemand, the service detects their OS and provides the appropriate installation package.

Faster download speeds

Netop’s OnDemand sessions are lightning fast, but we received reports from customers in Asia that downloading the OnDemand package was taking too long. To correct this we’ve upgraded our global cloud infrastructure. OnDemand now optimizes the download based on geography. Support users in New York, London, Hyderabad, Tokyo, Sydney – or anywhere in between – faster than ever before.

Netop Remote Control OnDemand is available with a subscription. Start a free 30-day trial and see for yourself how easy it is to securely support users on Windows, macOS and iOS right from your browser.

If you already have a subscription to Netop Remote Control, adding the OnDemand feature is quick and easy – contact your local Netop representative to add OnDemand.


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