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What is Virtual Network Computing (VNC)? Is it Better than RDP?

The first step in understanding the question “what is VNC” is understanding the definition and what purposes VNC serves. From there, getting to know the differences between Virtual Network Computing.... Read On

Is RDP Encrypted? A Guide to Remote Desktop Encryption Levels

Whether you already have a remote desktop solution or you’re thinking about implementing one, you’re probably asking yourself, “Is RDP encrypted?” It’s a great question, as encryption is one of the.... Read On

[Webinar] Data Privacy Beyond GDPR and CCPA

Last year, European companies felt the effects of the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), which has already led to 281,000 cases and $62.4 million in fines. Read On

VPN vs Remote Desktop: The Differences Between RDP & VPN

The most important thing to know about the difference between VPN vs remote desktop solutions is that they are functionally different things. There are other differences, like security.... Read On

GDPR in the EU – The One Year Anniversary Arrives

On May 25, 2018, the European Union saw its new GDPR law, or general data protection regulation law, go into effect across all member nations. This enactment arrived with much fanfare and even some.... Read On

Now Available - Netop Portal Subscription

Remote Access that's Fast, Secure... and SaaS  Netop Remote Control now offers the Portal in a subscription model. You can launch fully encrypted OnDemand remote access sessions directly from a.... Read On

Top Threats to My Secure Remote Desktop Access

One of the scariest things about computer security threats is that they’re constantly reinventing themselves. Hackers and malicious actors are relentlessly adapting to avoid detection and circumvent.... Read On

5 Things You Need to Know About the Best Remote Access Software for Enterprise Business

There are a lot of opinions out there, especially when it comes to tech. And let’s face it, most of us hardly know the difference between a micron and macron (are those even real tech terms?).  The.... Read On

What Compliance Standards Should You Expect from a Secure Remote Access Software? | Netop

When it comes to which remote access software you choose, there are standards that every business should come to expect in terms of security and compliance features. It’s 2019 and with any software.... Read On

Retail ROI - How to Recognize a 158% Return on Remote Access

Calculating the Value of Remote Access Software  Many retailers use remote support because the value proposition is pretty clear. However, it's a challenge to put a real number on it. Now there's a.... Read On

Remote Support Software: The Best TeamViewer Alternative for Security

When it comes to choosing the right remote support software for your business, you have a lot of options to choose from. Many remote support companies claim to offer a suite of features that.... Read On

Looking for TeamViewer Alternative that Can Scale with Your Growing Business? | Netop

There’s a point where small business owners have an important choice to make. Sometimes it’s after many years of being in business, sometimes it happens early on. It’s the moment where you have to.... Read On

Where Remote Access Fits in a Zero Trust Security Architecture

Zero Trust Remote Access  Say goodbye to "trust but verify." Now it's "never trust, always verify, enforce least privilege." (Centrify)  What is the Zero Trust model?  Years ago, IT and security.... Read On

Make Life Easier and More Secure with this LogMeIn Alternative

With a history for unexpected price hikes and unreliable customer service, LogMeIn went from being a favorite choice for remote support software in the IT industry to being the ugly stepchild..... Read On

What Makes Netop’s Remote Desktop Client Users’ Top Choice?

    More and more businesses are discovering how useful it can be to add a remote desktop solution to their tech infrastructures. With uses that range from making tech support easier to embracing.... Read On

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