Portal Update - Time Based Access

What’s new in the Netop Portal

The focus of the new Netop Portal release is to provide more granularity in defining the roles and permissions. This is achieved through the addition of the time based access feature.

With the time based access* feature you can:

  • Schedule permissions to be granted at a specific time and/or date


  • Verify the permissions for a user on a device in a time period that you specify


  • A filterable schedule column has been added to the Role assignment column view; the schedule column specifies the information about the schedule set for the role assignment


For example, you can use the time based access feature to schedule and give IT personnel active role assignments only during work hours, or you can assign an active role assignment only during certain days of the week for only a couple of hours to an IT consultant or administrator to help ensure an enhanced security in your network. The time based access feature allows you to be flexible with the roles and permissions that you create and assign to the personnel in your organization, and the period of time for when they are active or inactive.

Other features and improvements to the Netop Portal include:

  • You can now connect to a Netop Host via an URI* (Host name), which helps you with integrating the Netop Portal with other third-party solutions
  • If you use mobile integration, you can find events in the audit log when a new session starts
  • The filter for device groups was improved*; users now only see the device groups to which they have permissions for
  • You now receive a notification in the browser for new OnDemand sessions as long as you allow notifications for portal.netop.com regardless whether you’re in the browser or in a different application; clicking on the notification takes you to the OnDemand queue


Refer to the Netop Remote Control Portal User's Guide for more information.

* Only available when using the new Connection Manager. The Connection Manager serves as a meeting hub for Netop Guests and Hosts and is responsible for managing the connections between modules.

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